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Mobile auto detailing specialist and mobile mechanics, as well as, premium gas delivery and EV charging.

Carlifornia Love is your one stop shop for everything car related.

Convenient care for your vehicle


Carlifornia Love is the best mobile detailer in Los Angeles, with a wide range of mobile detailing services for all types of automobiles. We are licensed and insured to provide you with your automobile needs.

We offer different mobile detailing packages with exterior and interior detailing. Try our add-on services for that extra special touch.

Scheduling your service is done online using our simple scheduling and payment system.


Steam Cleaning Treatment

With our powerful steam technology; we will clean, disinfect, sanitize and deodorize every surface of your vehicle, both inside and out.

Air Purification Treatment

Not only does this treatment collect pollutants and bacteria that may be lingering in the air of your vehicle; undetected, for long periods of time, but it also destroys these pollutants and bacteria through a process called oxidation.

Germicidal UV Disinfection Treatment

The purpose of this treatment is to deeply penetrate into the surface of the vehicle’s interior, using ultraviolet sanitation technology to kill off germs, viruses and bacteria in hard to reach areas, without the use of harmful chemicals or residue being left behind.

Electrostatic Disinfectant Spray Treatment

This treatment uses an electrostatic spray that is electrically charged, allowing the appropriate disinfectants, preventatives for germs, viruses, bacteria and mold, as well as, sanitizers to wrap around, stick on and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more complete clean.


mobile mechanic and mobile detailing in los angeles, ca from carlifornia love

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mobile mechanic and mobile detailing in los angeles, ca from carlifornia love

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mobile mechanic and mobile detailing in los angeles, ca from carlifornia love

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mobile mechanic and mobile detailing in los angeles, ca from carlifornia love

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Eco-friendly and extremely thorough hand wash with steam cleaning. Package includes:
Electrostatic Disinfectant Spray Treatment (30 minutes)
Air purification treatment (30 minutes)
Interior vacuum
Interior steam cleaning
Exterior/interior window steam cleaning
Iron removal treatment
Clay bar treatment
Seat and safety belt steam cleaning
Window cleaning
Carpet shampoo with hot water extractor
Carpet steam cleaning
Leather cleaning and conditioning
Trim, plastic and rubber cleaning and conditioning
Door jam deep steam cleaning
UV protect vinyl, plastic, and trim
Rim and tire steam cleaning
Dress tires
Odor removal
Brazilian Camauba wax
Trunk seal steam cleaning

The Whole Sha-Bang

Includes everything from the Complete Detail package, plus the following:
Germicidal UV disinfection treament for Surface Sanitation (60 minutes)
Air purification treatment (60 minutes)
Sealant application for paint, door jams, exterior and interior glass, and wheels
Wheels are removed, steam cleaned, polished and sealed inside out
Water spot removal
Ceramic coating
Paint and window sealant
Engine bay steam cleaning
Exhaust pipe steam cleaning
Headliner steam cleaning
Upholstery steam cleaning
Fabric protection
Leather protection
Vinyl, rubber, and plastic protection
Wheel protection
Paint polishing
Polish exhaust pipe
Best Value

RELIABLE Mechanics On-Call For You


Scheduling your mobile mechanic service is done online using our simple scheduling and payment system.

We offer a variety of mechanic services to service your car back to tip top shape. The best part? You don't need to go anywhere. We come to you!

Carlifornia Love offers portable EV Charging on a monthly basis, along with premium gas delivery, every Wednesday and Sunday. Sign up for a monthly gas delivery or EV charging membership, and never worry about your car again.

COMPLETE List of Mechanic Services

Engine Service

A/C Evacuation and Recharge (1 hr)
Fuel System Cleaning (45 min)
Radiator Coolant Fluid Exchange (30 min)
Serpentine Belt Replacement (30 min)
Spark Plug Replacement (4 hr)
Distributor Cap Replacement (1 hr)
PCV Valve Replacement (1 hr)
Oxygen System Replacement (2 hr)
Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement (1 hr)
Timing Belt Replacement (6 hr)


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (30 min)
Differential Fluid Exchange (30 min)
Fuel System Cleaning (30 min)
Transfer Case Fluid Exchange (30 min)
Transmission Flush (4 hr)
Transmission Fluid Exchange (1 hr)
Power Steering Fluid Flush (30 min)
Power Steering Fluid Exchange (30 min)

Brake Service

Brake Fluid Exchange (1 hr)
Brake Replacement (2 hr)
Rotor Replacement (2 hr)

Exterior & Glass

Light Bulb Inspection & Replacement (2 hr)
Windshield Repair (1 hr)
Windshield Wiper Replacement (2 hr)
Paintless Dent Removal (2 hr)


Cabin Air Filter Replacement (30 min)
Engine Air Filter Replacement (30 min)
Fuel Filter Replacement (30 min)
Transmission Filter Replacement (1 hr)

Tires & Suspension

Tire Installation (1 hr)
Tire Repair (30 min)
Tire Replacement (1 hr)

Gas Conveniently Delivered to You


We all have busy lives so why waste precious time worrying about fueling up your tank.

At CarLifornia Love we are committed to giving that time back to you so that you can go back to doing what matters most... Enjoying Your Life

  • Sedan/Coupe Premium Gas Delivery is $600 per month
  • Mid/Full-Size SUV Premium Gas Delivery is $900 per month
  • Truck/Van Premium Gas Delivery is $1,500 per month

Let us Charge YOUR ELECTRIC Vehicle


Driving electric shouldn’t have to come at a cost. If we’re not lucky enough to have a charger located at our home, and or, apartment building, we may be left to drive around our entire city in search of one. Not to mention, those of us that are lucky enough to have one or eventually find a charger, chances are it’s a level 1 charger that’ll take several hours to get the job done.

At CarLifornia Love, convenience is everything.

Schedule online and our on demand service will come wherever you need us. We also provide the fastest portable charger on the market, SparkCharge, which is a Level 3 ultrafast charger that is capable of delivering 1 mile of charging every 60 seconds.

With faster charging you will now have more time on your hands to focus on the most important parts of your life.

  • EV Charging Delivery Service is $500 per month

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